10 Best Movies of Jim Carrey


Top best movies have the participation of actor Jim Carrey , one of the actors who left a lot of impression on viewers in many comedies and action films. These are all movies rated by IMDb with very high scores that will surely bring you satisfaction to watch.


Top Jim Carrey movies with the highest score on IDMb

Movie Jim Carrey: The Mask 1 (1994) -IMDB: 6.9

In the movie The Mask, in which Chuck Russell sits in the director’s chair, names like Jim Carrey, Cameron Diaz and Peter Greene are mentioned. Stanley Ipkiss (Jim Carrey) is a kind-hearted banker. He wears an ancient mask that he found one day and transforms into a creature of incredible strength. Our hero, known as the Mask among the people, accidentally becomes the target of a mafia leader named Dorian Tyrel (Peter Greene).

Detective Trick 2 (1995) – IMDB: 6.4

Directed by Steve Oedekerk, Ace Ventura: When Nature Called Jim Carrey, Ian McNeice and Simon Callow. After their adventures in the first episode of Detective Donkey, animal detective Ace Ventura awaits a mission this time in a faraway land. This time, Ventura goes to Africa.

Movie Jim Carrey: The Idiot Detective (1994) – IMDB: 6.9

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, starring Jim Carrey, Courteney Cox, Judy Clayton, Sean Young, Udo Kier and directed by Tom Shadyac, is one of the most beloved productions of the period. Ace Ventura is an inexpensive private investigator who specializes in finding and retrieving lost animals and understanding theft intent. The whale snowflake, the mascot of the Miami Dolphins football team, disappeared just before the Superbowl, the final game of the tournament.

Movie Jim Carrey: Batman Forever (1995) – IMDB: 5.4

Directed by Joel Schumacher, Batman Forever stars Val Kilmer, Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones. The Dark Knight of Gotham City fights against two terrible super criminals named Two Face and Riddler in this adventure.

The Fool and Avanak (1994) – IMDB: 7.3

Dumb and Dumber, co-directed by Peter Farrelly and Bobby Farrelly, and stars Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels and Brady Bluhm. Llyod Christmas and Harry Dunne are two wild friends who live in a dirty and messy house, often fired from their jobs.

Troublemaker (1996) – IMDB: 6.1

The Cable Guy is one of the most notable productions of the Ben Stiller era directed by the names of Jim Carrey, Matthew Broderick, Leslie Mann, Jack Black and Owen Wilson. Steven was kicked out of the house with his girlfriend by his girlfriend and had to go out at his own house. Steven, who wanted to get the wire to the house, was quite surprised to meet the cable man he called for this job.

Movie Jim Carrey: Liar Liar (1997) – IMDB: 6.9

Tom Shadyac directed the film Liar Liar, starring Tom Shadyac, Jim Carrey, Maura Tierney, Justin Cooper, Amanda Donohoe, Swoosie Kurtz. Los Angeles attorney Fletcher Reede (Jim Carrey) is an attorney who constantly lies. When he lied instead of coming to his son Max’s birthday, son Max extinguished the candles of his cake and wished his father would not lie for a day and accept his wish.

Movie Jim Carrey: The Truman Show (1998) – IMDB: 8.1

The Truman Show, in which Peter Weir sat in the director’s chair and starred Jim Carrey, Laura Linney, and Natascha McElhone, remains a favorite for many of us. The people who live in one of the most beautiful islands in the world have a wonderful utopian life. The people living on this island wake up happy every day and end the day without any problems. Our character Truman is one of these lucky people.

Man in the Moon (1999) – IMDB: 7.4

Milos Forman sits at the helm of Man On The Moon, starring Jim Carrey, Paul Giamatti, Danny DeVito, Courtney Love and Leslie Lyles. Andy Kaufman (Jim Carrey), who previously performed one-man comedy shows in nightclubs, caught the attention of manager George Shapiro (Daniel DeVito), known for his quirky style. unusual when first appearing on the television show Saturday Night Live.

Myself and the one I love (2000) – IMDB: 6.6

Bobby Farrelly sits in the director’s chair of My, Myself & Irene, starring Jim Carrey, Renée Zellweger, Anthony Anderson, Chris Cooper, Richard Jenkins. Charlie (Jim Carrey) is a state police officer on Rhode Island. It’s a slightly cracked character. On the other hand, he is polite, decent, and someone who doesn’t cause anyone trouble after no one has contacted him. But after a while, the other side of the madness prevailed.

Movie Oh My God (2003) – IMDB: 6.7

Bruce Almighty, directed by Tom Shadyac, stars Jim Carrey, Morgan Freeman, Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell and Catherine Bell. Jim Carrey received many awards for his role in the big blockbuster, Aman God. Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey) is unhappy with his life and complains about everything in life. We watch Morgan Freeman here in the role of God. Bruce Nolan, who thinks that being a god is an easy task, is punished with the task of being a week of God.

Movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) – IMDB: 8.3

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, in which Michel Gondry is sitting in the director’s chair, stars like Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet, Mark Ruffalo, Kirsten Dunst and Elijah Wood. In the film, Clementine (Kate Winslet), who believes that their relationship with Joel (Jim Carrey) is exhausted at the end of two years, removes these memories from his memory, thinking he can’t. endured the memory of Joel.

Unfortunate Adventure Series (2004) – IMDB: 6.8

Brad Silberling sits in the chair as director of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. The three children of an extremely wealthy family, Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire, are orphans with a big future. In order for their mother and father to be able to use this great legacy after they died in a fire, they had to wait for their eldest brother to come of age.

Dick and Jane at Work (2005) – IMDB: 6.1

Directed by Dean Parisot, Fun With Dick & Jane stars Jim Carrey, Alec Baldwin, Téa Leoni, Angie Harmon, Richard Jenkins. In the film, Dick Harper (Carrey) has many years of hard work and is promoted to vice president of communications, Globodyne, one of the world’s leading media asset consolidation companies. But after the first day at a new job, Globodyne collapses with an Enron-like disaster, Dick stays with the bag in hand.

Movie Jim Carrey: Issue 23 (2007) – IMDB: 6.4

Walter Sparrow is delayed to take his wife on his own birthday. Agatha finds a novel with a blood-red cover in the bookstore. The story in this book contains a mystery about arithmetic. Everything in the movie revolves around the number twenty-three. Slowly putting himself and his family in danger, Walter is approaching the truth. Directed by Joel Schumacher, Jim Carrey takes on the lead role.

Movie Jim Carrey: Yes Man (2008) – IMDB: 6.8

Peyton Reed sat in the director’s chair of the film Yes Man, starring Jim Carrey, Zooey Deschanel, Bradley Cooper. Carl Allen participates in a charity program that aims to say yes to everything to change his life one day. At first, everything went smoothly, even his life became more positive and joyful than before. However, saying yes to everything after a while brings some problems.

My Father’s Penguins (2011) – IMDB: 6.0

Mr. Mark Waters is the director. Popper’s Penguins starring Jim Carrey, Carla Gugino, Ophelia Lovibond. The life of businessman Tom Popper, who continues his life in a very normal way after his divorce, changes with the six penguins he inherited from his father. Considering taking penguins to a zoo first, Tom decided to turn his house into a winter park as his kids fell in love with penguins.

Movie Majestik (2001) – IMDB: 6.9

Frank Darabont sits in the director’s chair of the majestic film, starring Jim Carrey, Martin Landau, Bob Balaban. The film, which takes place in America in 1951, is going through a humiliating phase for people who have no idea of ​​its own across the country. Hollywood lived during this period in which his author was accused of being a communist. This writer had a traffic accident one day and lost both consciousness and memory. When he comes to himself, he becomes a whole new person.

Movie Jim Carrey: New Year’s Song (2009) – IMDB: 6.8

A Christmas Carol, directed by Robert Zemeckis, stars Jim Carrey, Gary Oldman and Colin Firth. In the film, Ebenezer Scrooge embarks on a devastating Christmas break, shouting at his faithful servant and merry niece, all while not seeing a bee spreading evil seeds around him. Scrooge will soon surprise as he unexpectedly encounters the ghost of his late business partner, Joseph Marley, who paid the price for his indulgence in the next world.

Movie Jim Carrey: Kidding (2018) – IMDB: 7.9

Dave Holstein sits in the director’s chair, starring Jim Carrey, Frank Langella and Judy Greer. Jeff, alias Mr. Pickles is one of the children’s favorite television faces. Jeff, a big screen generation character, is also the owner of a company that plays with billions of people. Jeff has a happy life with his family including his wife, two sons, sister and father. But the crisis that broke out in his family turned everyone’s life upside down.

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