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10 Best Movies of Huang Xiaoming

Huang Xiaoming – One of the A-list stars of Chinese Cbiz. With more than 20 years in the profession, Huynh Xiaoming has created a film “career” worth admiring. Besides the name Huynh Hieu Minh, it is also associated with the market, noisy places in Cbiz.

Huang Xiaoming – Career

Huang Xiaoming was born on November 13, 1977 in Qingdao China. He is a multi-talented guy, fans know him as a successful singer, actor and businessman.

In 2001, when participating in the TV series Dai Han Thien Tu, the film immediately caused a fever throughout the region at that time.

Top movies about Huynh understand Minh

Also from here, Huynh Xiaoming’s name was noticed by many viewers. After that, he continued to participate and reap a lot of success from other films such as: Ip Man 2 (the series of Chung Tu Du is very good), Trieu Thi Co Nhi, Summer Bubble, …

The marriage of the most powerful couple in Cbiz

In 2015, Huynh Xiaoming officially married the beautiful actress Angela Baby. The couple’s wedding brought together many famous actors, becoming the event that consumed the most ink in the press at that time. A year later, this talented couple had a son.

By 2019, it was revealed that the couple Huynh Xiaoming and Angelababy were having an emotional rift.

Huynh understands me

Top best movies of Huynh Xiaoming

Films with the participation of Huynh Xiaoming always make people excited. Not only handsome and stylish, he also captivated the audience with his deep acting ability, variety of characters and personalities.

Let  ‘s take a look  at the best films of Huynh Xiaoming with Salenhap !

The Condor Heroes (2006)

In 2006, the whole Southeast Asia region went crazy with the movie The Condor Heroes, starring Huynh Xiaoming with Tieu Long Nu (Liu Yifei).

The Condor Heroes is a film based on the novel by Kim Dung, also known as The Condor Heroes.

The Great Condor Heroes understands

The film revolves around the love story of Duong Qua and Tieu Long Nu right in the middle of bloody battles in the Gypsy and on the battlefield. It can be said that The Condor Heroes is one of the films that imprinted the imprint of Huynh Xiaoming when showing a character of Duong Qua with a more temperament than a human.

Film Storm Language (2014)

In 2014, following his successes, Huynh Xiaoming continued to make fans crazy with an impressive role.

Bao Phong Ngu (2014) – Huynh Xiaoming has shed his usual handsome and handsome image and replaced it with an ugly guy with glasses and messy hair.

Huynh understands me

Bao Phong Ngu talks about the “battle of mind” between neurologist Lam Dieu Van and psychotic murderer Pham Quoc Sanh – a madman who killed his wife. Assigned to treat Pham Quoc Sanh, Lam Dieu Van finds himself in an extremely difficult situation when his daughter’s pregnancy is threatened.

According to famous director Nhi Dong Thang, it took him 5 years to develop Insanity’s script to satisfy the producers.

White Phat Witch (2014)

The film is the first collaboration of actor Huynh Xiaoming and beauty Pham Bang Bang. This is also one of the good movies of Pham Bang Bang.

Bach Phat Ma Nu revolves around a difficult love affair with countless misunderstandings between the couple Trac Nhat Hang (played by Huynh Xiaoming) and Luyen Ni Thuong (Pham Bang Bang).

Bach Phat Ma female Huynh understands me

The film impresses fans with the scene of the kiss in the air of the couple Ni Thuong and Nhat Hang, this is the most beautiful, most romantic and love scene in the Gypsy world.

Escape Plan 2: Hell (2018) – Escape Plan

Escape Plan 2: Hell (2018) – Escape Plan- The movie with the theme of prison escape when released did not leave many outstanding or remarkable things. However, thanks to the star element (Huang Xiaoming), the work was well received in his home country of China.

After escaping from The Tomb prison in part one, escape expert Ray Breslin (Sylvester Stallone) now becomes the leader of a task force specializing in rescuing hostages from terrorists.

The fugitive understands me

While searching for his brother’s whereabouts in Shanghai once, Shu (Huang Xiaoming) was kidnapped by strangers and taken to a mysterious underground prison called Hades. In that “hell on earth”, prisoners were considered animals, had to kill each other in exchange for food and compete for comfort in the cell.

In the film, Huynh Xiaoming has many beautiful action scenes when his character Shu is a character with high martial arts and tough fighting skills.

Cam Tu Duyen – Hoa Le Dare (2015)

Cam Tu Duyen – Hoa Le Dau (2015), a good film by Huynh Xiaoming. The film is adapted from the novel by the famous writer Nian Qi, the film is set in the city of Shanghai in the year 30 and is one of the highly appreciated films of Huang Xiaoming.

Huynh understands the charm and charm

The content tells the love story of Prince Ta Chan (played by Huynh Xiaoming) and Cinderella Vinh Cam Tu. A love story full of romance but equally painful will bring viewers many emotions from shyness, excitement to understanding and touching.

Huynh Xiaoming’s character Ta Chan was expressed very creatively by him.

Together For Life (2015)

Film Together For A Lifetime movie version of Huynh Xiaoming and Duong Mich starring.

Together for Life is a project adapted from a love novel of the same name by author Co Man. With this film, both Huynh Xiaoming and Duong Mich were warmly received by the audience. This is also one of the good films of Duong Mich.

Together for a lifetime, I understand

The content revolves around the romantic love story between Ha Di Tham and Trieu Mac Senh reunited after 7 years apart. After only three days of release, the film together for life by Huynh Xiaoming and Duong Mich has earned nearly 691 billion VND. Moreover, actor Huynh Xiaoming as Ha Di Tham won the “Best Actor 2015” award.

New Bund Shanghai (2007)

In the film, Huynh Xiaoming plays the main role of Hua Van Cuong – a young man with a revolutionary and patriotic spirit. Hua Van Cuong joined the Shanghai gangsters and became one of the “boss” before World War II. Two close brothers of Van Cuong once saved Phung Trinh Trinh, the tycoon’s daughter. Feng Jingyao has a property in Shanghai.

The new wharf of shanghai huang understands

Phung Trinh Trinh and Hua Van Cuong fell in love at first sight, but in the end the two of them could not come together and became Romeo – Juliet of the East filled with sadness.

The content of the film is attractive with the popular topic of that time about the topic of the gangster – the underworld. The film immediately received a warm response in China and some countries in the region.

Lang Nha Table 2 – Truong Lam Changing the Wind (2017)

In the movie Truong Lam Changing the Wind, Huynh Xiaoming plays the role of Tieu Binh Chuong, a resilient warrior who tries his best to protect the border until his last breath.

The role of Tieu Binh Chuong is considered to be extremely suitable for Huynh Xiaoming, since the first images were released, viewers “lost their hearts” because he was so handsome.

I'm sorry, I understand you

Although he has 20 years of acting experience, he still thinks that he has learned a lot from the crew, developing himself in a whole new light.

Stir Hollywood Island (2015)

This is a unique and different comedy film by Huynh Xiaoming, but he is still warmly received by everyone.

Stir Hollywood Island

Hollywood has always been a place where dreams come true. But this is the place to “break down the dream” of the boy Xiaoming (played by Huynh Xiaoming), when his soon-to-be girlfriend decided to break up with him to stay in Hollywood to study as a director.

Tan Loc Dinh Ky (2008)

Following the success in 2007, Huynh Xiaoming has once again affirmed his name with the TV series swordplay adapted from the novel by the famous writer Kim Dung – Loc Dinh Ky.

New Year's Peak Sign

A wise but equally amorous Vi Tieu Bao with the performance of Huynh Xiaoming has won the hearts of the audience. This character is amorous to the point of obnoxious and many people feel annoyed. This proves that he played the role really well.

Summer Balloons (2010)

2010 Summer Bubble is considered a very deep film by Huynh Xiaoming.

In the 2010 film Summer Balloons, Huynh Xiaoming plays Lac Hy – a boy adopted by the family of 15-year-old Doan Ha Mac. After that, Ha Mac was sent to England when her family had an accident.

Summer balloons understand Minh

Five years later, Lac Hi returned and became a celebrity, and Ha Mac also just entered the entertainment industry. At this time, the two met again and began a love triangle between Ha Mac, Lac Hy and another character, Au Than.

Trieu Thi Co Nhi (2010)

Another very good movie that Huynh Xiaoming and Pham Bang Bang participated in. This is also one of Fan Bingbing’s best movies.

Trieu Thi Co Nhi Dai Bao Cuu is a famous play in the Nguyen Dynasty. In 590 BC, King Tan Linh Cong listened to the general Do Ngan Gia and passed away the Thuong khan’s family Trieu Soc.

Trieu Thi orphans understand Minh

More than 300 people in Trieu Soc’s family were killed, only a baby less than 6 months old was saved. To protect the blood of the Trieu family, 8 loyal people went through hardships, sacrificed their lives, and preserved Trieu Vu’s life.

Twenty years later, when this orphan grew up, Trinh Anh told the whole story of the old wrongful conviction. Trieu Vo is determined to take revenge.

Above are the top best films of Huynh Xiaoming compiled by Salenhanh. Thank you! Have fun watching movies!

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