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    Jet Li is the most powerful martial arts star of the Chinese film industry, he is famous all over the world and is likened to the “Kung Fu Emperor”. Since his debut until now, he has appeared in more than fifty films, almost all heroic roles, Jet Li’s classics countless and kung fu films. His work has influenced an entire generation not only in China but around the world.

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    His fluid and standard movements, handsome image and elite aura also make him the most representative representative of the appeal of Eastern martial arts culture abroad. The following editor will provide you with a list of the top ten classics of Jet Li’s films. The “Once Upon a Time” series is ranked first, let’s see what other movies are on the list!

    Who is Ly Lien Kiet?

    Once Upon a Time in China

    Hoang Phi Hong Ly Lien Kiet

    For Ly Lien Kiet, the series “Hoang Phi Hong” means a lot, if “Shaolin Temple” has made his name, the series “Hoang Phi Hong” is definitely his famous work. . He played five parts of the series, in the film he wore a robe, started and gestured, his master’s image was deeply ingrained in people’s hearts, especially his signature action was very popular at the time. at that time. In a temporary way. The image of Hoang Phi Hong created by Ly Lien Kiet can be said to be “unmatched brave” – ​​never before and no one can surpass it in the future, he interprets the fiery man Hoang Phi Hong as a way of life. most active. With this role, he became the most known action movie star in the Chinese language film industry.

    Heroic Martial Arts

    Heroic love

    Directed by Chen Jia, released in 1994. Jet Li combines Chinese kung fu and Western boxing that he has studied for many years in this painstaking film, enthralling kung fu fans. After the film was released, it became a landmark work in world kung fu film history, and it became known as a kung fu textbook all over the world. The idea of ​​the film is no longer confined to national hatred for foreign powers, but represents a kind of power that China should have.

    Shaolin Temple

    Shaolin movie

    Directed by Zhang Xinyan, released in 1982, this is Jet Li’s first film. At the time, it created a box office legend of more than 100 million at a price of one cent per ticket, and at the same time, the film was also the only film by Jet Li to not use replacement actors at all. In addition to the 18 martial arts techniques of Shaolin Temple that are shown to varying degrees in this film, which can be described as a masterpiece, at the same time, this initiative is unprecedented. , Jet Li’s moves are both hard and soft, Yu Hai’s mantis fists are superb, Hu Jian’s fists are strong, and Yu Chenghui’s swordsmanship swims like dragons and phoenixes. That duel was even more interesting and worth pondering over. “Shaolin Temple” shocked the world and created a martial arts fever in the world,

    Sea paradise

    Sea paradise

    In the film, Jet Li plays the role of a terminally ill father, making the audience extremely emotional. But the film is not intentionally sensational, but with limited and restrained narration techniques, through trivial things, so that the simple but great father-son relationship is like a drop of water pouring into the depths of the audience’s heart. Towards the end of the film, the father dies of an illness, and the autistic son played by the article begins to live alone after learning what his father taught him before his death. The mood of the whole movie reached the climax that made many viewers feel sad.

    Movie Bodyguard Zhongnanhai

    Bodyguard Trung Nam Hai

    Directed by Yuan Kui, released in 1994, this is the first time Jet Li has adapted from a historical film to a fashion action film. In fact, because he is short and light, he looks thinner in the suit and many public opinions are not used to his image in the movie. . Although the film is not the highest of the kind in Jet Li’s film in terms of combat skills, the rendering of the atmosphere is exceptional. In the film, Zou Zhaolong’s fierce and three-pointed action style contrasts sharply with Jet Li’s agility and composure. Emotions of anxiety and danger almost overflowed the screen, which caused the lack of action.

    Tai Chi movie Truong Tam Phong

    Tai Chi Truong Tam Phong

    Directed by Yuan Heping, released in 1993, martial arts is the biggest highlight of this film. In this movie, Jet Li’s Tai Chi movements are opened and closed, elegant and free, like flying clouds and flowing water in one turn, making viewers satisfied. In May 2008, “Tai Chi Truong Tam Phong” was selected as one of the 19 greatest kung fu films in cinema history, the meaning of this film is more than the plot. The movie has long been the subject of kung fu movie fans.

    Movie Phuong The Ngoc

    Phuong The Ngoc

    “Phuong The Ngoc” is a legendary feature film starring Jet Li. The film recreates Fang Shiyu with the youthful and chic style of Jet Li as in “Huang Feihong”, with the eye-catching performance of Xiao Fangfang’s Miao Cuihua, and the short and long sticks of Phuognw The Ngoc and the nine-door admiral in the film. dye factory in the duel. The fierce battle can be compared to the life-and-death battle between Hoang Phi Trung and Nalan Yuanshu in the climax of “Once Upon a Time”, making the film a classic and very entertaining action movie.

    New Shaolin Movie Five Patriarchs

    New Shaolin Five Groups

    Directed by Wang Jing, released in 1994. Jet Li, at the peak of his career, tacitly collaborated with star Xie Miao. Martial arts design focuses on expressing Jet Li’s personal style while not forgetting the collaboration between big and small. The film adds a lot of realistic combat acrobatics, can be said to be ingenious, can be called a top-quality work, in addition to great action sequences, the film also adds a lot of humorous elements, This became the highlight of the movie. “New Shaolin Five Patriarchs” is a fascinating movie. The treasure map causes complicated troubles and conflicts, showing the desperate struggle between good and evil. At the end of the film, father and son fighting with two guns, Ma Ning’er, is always praised, and it can be described as the proud work of Yuan Kui.

    Oriental movie undefeated 2

    Invincible Dongfang 2

    Directed by Cheng Xiaodong, released in 1992. Mr. Jin once said, “Linghu Chong in my mind is Jet Li.” In this movie, Jet Li’s acting skills have achieved a new breakthrough, basically capturing the character traits of Linh Ho Chong in the original, and his acting is very respectable. Although after the series aired, film critics criticized the character he portrayed, as Brigitte Lin’s flawless performance hid his light. Martial arts design adds aesthetic and romantic elements to realism, and the artistic conception in Jin Yong’s original works is wonderfully portrayed. The film abandons the stylized martial arts action design of traditional martial arts movies,

    Movie Huo Nguyen Giap

    Huo Nguyen Giap

    The martial arts scenes in Huo Nguyen Giap are almost all arenas. The exception to the match against Qin Ye is the semi-challenging nature. The arena is steeped in rituals, props, and limited space, making it difficult to play well in these conditions. Moreover, “Tieu Fan” is a strictly realistic work, martial arts must follow the principle of reality. Among the actors, Ly Lien Kiet’s movements are clean and neat, under the arrangement of the director and martial arts design, the expression is somewhat simple but also continues the aura of the historical drama.

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