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Download Zombie Idle Defense APK
Zombie Idle Defense for Android
Zombie Idle Defense MOD by APKMODY

Zombie Idle Defense MOD APK by ONESOFT is one of the fastest compact zombie shooter game that doesn’t require much thought but has the most hands right now. Do you want to try?

Introducing Zombie Idle Defense

Zombie shooter is not gloomy, sloppy and a lot of fun!

Zombie, post-apocalyptic world but not gloomy

It can be said that zombies are the most exploited, multidimensional and immersive subject in the game world. You can find all kinds of games that talk about zombies, superficially yes, very emotional, talk about the philosophy of life, humanity, moral limits, the will to survive.

But usually psychologically heavy zombie games combine tactics, it takes a lot of energy on you when playing guerrilla warfare like this. Of course, if you want to enter such a dark and dangerous place, that’s fine. However, not everyone is ready to put a heavy burden on their shoulders all the time.

Sometimes I want to play something about zombies, but it’s easy, okay? Of course, full of games like this. But don’t call me Plants and Zombies, it’s boring.

Then try Zombie Idle Defense, very easy to play

In the game, you will always appear on the defensive behind a solid concrete barrier and from there you will aim to shoot bullets at the zombies that are approaching.

But keep in mind that your ammo doesn’t go very far. That is, the gun will only work when the zombie is a little closer to the fence, otherwise it will shoot just for fun. But you can’t shoot when they approach with that much force. It was unpredictable that there were so many zombies here, some were shot dead straight away, some were shot three or four times and saw nothing.

Play a few scenes later, there is a big boss, you will not eat even if you shoot dozens of shots. Luckily for our soldiers, is there a coincidence message that usually asks if you want to “Summon the Bomb”? (actually you have to play very enthusiastically the previous few rounds to get enough points to have such a bomb). If yes, immediately select the bomb icon in the corner of the screen. Soon, there will be fighter jets dropping a huge bomb in the middle of the zombies, destroying the whole body, including the boss.

Zombie Idle Defense has good auto mechanics, you don’t have to do a lot of things like reload, aim, pull the trigger… everything is automatic. Well, actually in the first few scenes, you’ll also have to tap your soldiers to shoot zombies, but later on, once you’ve upgraded enough, the minions will have an automatic mechanic. Here you can be more relaxed. All that’s left is to choose the right time, strike the right target and choose the right weapon.

game mode

Zombie Idle Defense looks simple and funny, but there are many game modes in the game that are very serious and require a lot of thought. There are currently 3 game modes. Pass mode is important and it is the main game mode of the game. Here you have to pass the stages defined by the game and complete the numbered milestones on the map. Your task in each scene is to defend and destroy the zombies until they are cleared.

The second game mode, which is just as interesting, is Defense. At this point you have to kill all the zombies to progress. The further you go, the more points you get. In this mode, you can upgrade your warriors through Tokens.

Boss kill mode is for those who want to feel strong immediately. Your main task is to kill as many bosses as possible, test your heavy fighting skills while enjoying lots of rare rewards.

Bonus points and soldiers

Throughout each game scene, the stats scoreboard will show the appropriate rewards, including gold coins, coins and gears. Gold coins will help you to upgrade your character, recruit new soldiers, and get more weapons and valuable items during the game. Coins to buy more everyday items. Gear is used to upgrade weapons. Weapons in Zombie Idle Defense are very diverse, large and small, from pistols, shotguns, submachine guns to sniper rifles, and even with little or no damage, such as the screen calling allies to drop bombs as I mentioned above.

Rare items should include fuel tanks, healing potions, shelters that get in the way. These items slow down zombies if they don’t help you block movement, they also give you energy to fight more aggressively.

As you play, apart from defending, you can also include different soldiers in your team to increase your strength and strengthen the defensive bunkers (the trick is to take turns placing each other so that the enemy has to spend a lot of money). ), upgrade and modify weapons for soldiers. Note that you can only use one minion each time you play. Therefore, it is important to carefully select soldiers with appropriate skills for strong zombie opponents or when their numbers are too large. Collection of many types of warriors and skillful rotations will help you increase the strength of the goalkeeper.

You can also star your minions by collecting warrior cards. If you have 3 identical warrior cards with the same number of stars, you can combine them to create a warrior with more stars. For example, 3 two-star warriors combined will become a 3-star warrior who is stronger in both skill and weaponry. This principle also applies to weapons. Three identical pistols will be able to combine into a long-range rifle with much greater destructive power.

Graphics and sound

Taking the form of a classic tower defense player, the game will provide you with very smooth background music that will speed up whenever zombies start breeding or a boss appears. The gun effect stands out against a very low background sound, exploding when the soldiers attack. You’ll also hear screams of bloodthirsty zombies and other interesting sounds.

And Zombie Idle Defense is for those who like zombie games but need a light sense of fun, so the images here are always beautiful, regardless of the context, because they are made in a cartoony and rounded style. This game has absolutely no killing or gory horror elements like other “dramatic” zombie games. Very rhythmic and beautiful combination of lighting effects and movement, helps you to enjoy shooting games guilt-free.

Zombie Idle Defense MOD APK Version

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Cash
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Research Points
  • Unlimited memos
  • Unlimited stamina
  • VIPToken Unlimited


  • It doesn’t decrease when money is used.
  • Use Cash to exchange other currencies.
  • Let’s play offline

Download Zombie Idle Defense MOD APK for Android

Zombie Idle Defense is a cute, short and easy to play zombie shooter that’s similar to tower defense. But here the rate of fire, the main character’s weapons and supporting equipment will make you happy, without thinking too much, just shoot and shoot, eliminating a bad mood.

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