The Last of Us Movie Review

The Last of Us is one of the latest post-apocalyptic series that has been successfully adapted from the video game of the same name. The game was developed by Naughty Dog and was first published by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2013.

The Last of Us series released its first episode, When You’re Lost in the Darkness, on Monday (January 16, 2023). The series will release new episodes every Monday on the HBO Go video streaming app.

This American TV series is directed by Craig Mazin and stars a number of famous actors. Among the players were Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey and Nick Offerman. In addition to the cult Hollywood artists, The Last of Us also invited veteran Indonesian artist Christine Hakim to join the cast. In this series, Christine Hakim plays a scientist who is the mastermind behind a major incident.

Some reviews say that The Last of Us is one of the best live-action video game adaptations ever made. So, how about The Last of Us synopsis? Let’s review Salenhanh through this movie.

Synopsis of The Last of Us

Broadly speaking, The Last of Us is about human lives being destroyed after a dangerous virus. This virus has spread and infected its victims. In fact, infected victims will behave aggressively. The series also tells the story of Joel, played by Pedro Pascal, a smuggler tasked with escorting Ellie, played by Bella Ramsey, across post-apocalyptic America.

It all started about 20 years ago, around 2003, when a species of cordyceps fungus infected humans. The fungus turned out to be a poisonous spore, which contained a virus that could make its victims bloodthirsty and animal-like. This virus also makes its victims look like zombies and easily infect others. The virus also caused chaos and caused a global pandemic.

The Last of Us

Joel is the survivor of this event. He is a gangster living in quarantine in the Boston area. When the condition worsened, Joel managed to escape with his daughter, Sarah

Unfortunately, Sarah died due to an attack by the army. Meanwhile, Joel tries to survive after being saved by his younger brother Tommy, played by Gabriel Luna. The virus has literally changed the world, even 20 years later.

Joel lives in an isolation ward in Boston that is closely managed by the Federal Disaster Management Authority (FEDRA). It is one of the few places that still exists under the laws of war and extreme checks. To maintain his comfort, Joel must steal, sell, threaten, and even smuggle something.

In Boston, Joel lives with his smuggling partner, Tess, played by Anna Torv. One day, Tommy has trouble communicating with Joel and Tess. As it turned out, the two men were trying to buy car batteries from a local dealer. However, Joel made the mistake of selling the battery back to Firefly, an anti-FEDRA group.

Joel and Tess try to get the battery back and make a deal. However, that only gets the two into new trouble. The Firefly leader asks Joel and Tess to take a teenage girl named Ellie to the Massachusetts State Building located outside the quarantine.

This trip becomes the beginning of their new struggle for life. What started out as an easy job turned into a sad adventure. They also have to depend on each other to survive.

That’s the synopsis of the latest American TV series, The Last of Us. You can enjoy these shows through the HBO Go streaming app every Monday to catch each new episode.

The Last of Us movie review

The Last Of Us is an adaptation and has done the following aspects very well: The atmosphere is tense. In the first episode, the film moves slowly, but through the use of sounds and actions of the characters, it still creates the necessary “uncomfort”. As more dramatic events unfold, the audience’s tensions are unleashed and transformed into other emotions. The tempo of The Last Of Us is similar to many movies of the same genre, so it is easy for the mass audience to access.

Review The Last of Us

In the first episode, the founders gave us time to track down Joel and his daughter while disaster struck. Having more time to meet so when there are bad events, we can empathize with the character more. This is a good premise, giving us hope that the psychology and emotions of Joel and Ellie will be explored more deeply in the game.

The Last Of Us is a work carefully invested in sound and image. From the very first minutes you watch it, you’ll see that each frame and sound is made very tightly and placed side by side in a logical way. Some scenes are taken from the game to help create a sense of familiarity to viewers. However, because of the slow tempo and bass, it can make some parts a bit sleepy. Hopefully with more dramatic situations in the following episodes, The Last Of Us will overcome this drawback.

The cast performed well: In the original game, the characters could not be realistic but still had souls due to the voice acting of the actors. In the film, the characters are still well conveyed, although some scenes are a bit “raw”. However, the interaction between them, especially Joel and Ellie, is very good. Hopefully in the next episodes, the strengths will be more exploited.

Reviews on The Last of Us

The Last of Us Cast

Pedro Pascal as Joel Miller

As commented earlier, Joel is tasked with bringing back Ellie. He’s a character that is heavily affected by fungicide.

Despite being tormented by his past, Joel still tries to marry Ellie because he is also curious about why Ellie is immune to fungi. In the game, Joel Miller is played by Troy Baker.

Bella Ramsey as Ellie Williams

Bella Ramsey, who also plays a role in Game of Thrones, is described as having a challenging and passionate personality. It is immune to cordyceps brain infections.

Movie The Last of Us

His blood, which will be studied, will allow the creation of a vaccine. Joel accompanied him from Massachusetts to Colorado. In the game The Last of Us, Ellie is played by Ashley Johnson.

Nico Parker as Sarah Miller

Nico Parker plays an important character, Sarah, daughter of Joel. When the world starts to go bad with the epidemic, Joel and Sarah living in Austin are shocked and make Joel do his best to protect his family.

Gabriel Luna as Tommy Miller

Tommy is Joel’s ideal brother. He is a former soldier who later joins Firefly to try to make this post-apocalyptic world a better place. Jeffrey Pierce plays Tommy in the game.

Anna Torv as Theresa Servopoulos

Tess, played by Anna Torv, is played by Annie Wersching in the game. He’s Joel’s smuggling partner. He is good at doing anything to survive.

Jeffrey Pierce as Perry

Perry is present as a rebel character in the Quarantine. He previously played Tommy Miller in the game The Last of Us.

Melanie Lynskey as Kathleen

Kathleen was the leader of the revolutionary movement in Kansas City. It is unknown if the rank is higher than Firefly or not.

Lamar Johnson as Henry

Henry is played by Brandon Scott in the game. Henry and his brother Sam escape from Kathleen’s group in Kansas City and later meet Joel and Ellie.

Kevonn Woodard as Sam

Sam is Henry’s younger brother who is deaf. He is hunted by revolutionaries along with henry. But in the game, Sam is not deaf so his story may be different from the one in The Last of Us game.

Ashley Johnson as Anna Williams

Ashley Johnson, who originally played Ellie in this game, also plays a role in this series. She plays Ellie’s mother in the flashback.

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