Being an impostor was the only thing Fujiwara could think of; a poor farmer boy from Korea came to Japan fifteen years ago.

He’s aiming for Izumi Hideko and Kouzuki; Korean businessman obsessed with being Japanese. To start his act, he enlists the help of Nam Sook Hee, a girl who lives with a group of scammers.

Fujiwara’s plan almost succeeded before anything happened between Hideko and Nam Sook Hee. The movie The Handmaiden is presented as the masterpiece it is performed by great actors. He also became Kim Tae Ri’s film debut. So who are the actors? The Handmaid (2016)? Here is the comment!

Izumi Hideko (Kim Min Hee)

Izumi Hideko (Kim Min Hee)

Hideko is the daughter of Lord Houzuki’s wife’s sister. He came to Korea from Japan when he was 5 years old. Since then Hideko never left the house.

He is an orphan who inherited his father’s property. The riches he has acquired have inspired the evil intentions of Prince Fujiwara.

Hideko lives with her uncle, who asks her to read Japanese books every day. So he often reads Japanese books, Hideko gets bored of talking in Japanese.

Her demeanor is very graceful and gentle. He is traumatized by his aunt’s death and feels guilty about his mother’s death. Hideko experienced a painful childhood from Mr. Houzuki.

As a result, she grew up to be a lonely and traumatized woman. Hideko is brutally and harshly exploited and educated as a reader of pornography for his uncle’s guests.

He looks innocent on the outside but is actually very wise and revengeful. Hideko finds happiness in Tamako’s silhouette. For him Tamako is a savior.

Tamako / Ok Joo / Nam Sook Hee (Kim Tae Ri)

Tamako / Ok Joo / Nam Sook Hee (Kim Tae Ri)

Tamako is the new maid for Izumi Hideko, who was recommended by Prince Fujiwara. She is a Korean girl raised by a brilliant antique dealer named Boksun.

Tamako’s real name is Nam Sook Hee. From the age of five, he was able to distinguish between fake and real money.

Educated by a criminal, Nam Sook Hee learns to pickpocket and forge many things, including stamps . She also helps take care of children abandoned by their parents to be sold to the Japanese.

Sook Hee is involved in Fujiwara’s plan to deceive Kouzuki and Hideko. She arrives at Kouzuki’s mansion as Hideko’s personal servant with a secret plan.

Her job is to extract as much information as possible and promote the image of Fujiwara to Hideko so that the girl falls in love with him.

Nam Sook Hee has a pitiful background. His biological mother is a criminal who always tries to steal, even thousands of times.

Her mother’s fate ended tragically because she died after being stolen. Nam Sook Hee was a materialistic person before feeling regret, falling in love, and then getting stuck in a sentimental love affair with Hideko.

Prince Fujiwara (Ha Jung Woo)

Prince Fujiwara (Ha Jung Woo)

Fujiwara is a talented con artist who claims to be Japanese and hails from Nagoya. His brain is full of tricks. He tries to fool Kouzuki, Hideko and Tamako or Nam Sook Hee at the same time. Fujiwara has a lot of plans and scenarios in mind.

His appearance is very cunning and full of evil plans. Fujiwara’s goal is only money and wealth. Fujiwara was the one who sent Nam Sook Hee as Hideko’s new servant.

Fujiwara is known as a luxury counterfeiter. With his ability, he easily approached Kouzuki who was greedy and didn’t want to lose.
He is very good at painting and becomes Hideko’s art teacher. Fujiwara is actually the son of a farmer from Korea who has lived in Japan for 15 years.

Fujiwara’s character is one of the surprises of this movie. Although he looks very deceiving, he is not smart enough when it comes to love. In short, he is a swindler.

Mr. Kouzuki (Cho Jin Woong)

Mr. Kouzuki (Cho Jin Woong)

Kouzuki is a Korean businessman who bribes officials to become a translator. After helping Japan invade his country, he obtained a gold mining license.

He wanted to become Japanese and naturalized because he was married to the daughter of a Japanese nobleman who lost his power.

The name Kouzuki itself is the surname of his wife who died many years ago without leaving a single child.

Mr. Kouzuki has a mansion filled with antiques and lots of books. He often invites collectors from Japan to visit his personal library.

Not only that, Kouzuki, a true book lover, often holds special events in the form of reading rare books and then auctioning them off.

Kouzuki also enjoyed drawing and turned it into a business. However, because he is a cunning person, the paintings sold are all fake. So he needed a reliable fake painter.

Kouzuki had close ties to the colonial government so he had the right to use electricity for his large house. He becomes Hideko’s guardian and intends to appropriate his nephew’s property by marrying her.

Kouzuki has his own library that no one can access. He has a habit of licking his plumage when he thinks and is very fond of erotic stories.

This middle-aged man is a brutal and terrible character. He did not pity or pity Hideko and his aunt or sister-in-law.

Kouzuki only cared about profits. His tongue is black because he usually uses the tip of a quill pen to ink before he writes something.

As a Korean, he really hates his country. For Kouzaki Korea was a weak, slow and dull country. That’s why he really wanted to be Japanese, even if he had to use various means.

Sasaki (Kim Hae Sook)

Sasaki (Kim Hae Sook)

The Handmaid (2016) cast is followed by senior actress Kim Hae Sook. In this drama, Kim Hae Sook plays Sasaki.

She is the housekeeper at Kouzaki’s house, who has worked there since Hideko was young. Sasaki is actually Kouzuki’s ex-wife, who was abandoned to marry a Japanese woman.

His attitude was just as cruel as Kouzuki’s. He even engaged in torture and rough treatment of Hideko from an early age.

Sasaki doesn’t talk much but his gaze is brutal, cold and scary. She is the first person Tamako meets when she comes to Kouzuki’s house as Hideko’s maid.

Boksun (Lee Yong Nyeo)

Boksun (Lee Yong Nyeo)

In addition to Kim Hae Soo, the senior actress who participated in The Handmaid (2016) is Lee Yong Nyeo. Here the character does not have too much screen time but has an important role.

Lee Young Nyeo plays Boksun, a con man who has taken care of Nam Sook Hee or Tamako since childhood.

Boksun knows Nam Sook Hee’s biological mother and knows how tragic this woman’s story is. Boksun teaches Nam Sook Hee a lot about deception. His livelihood is to become an antique dealer.

Aunt Hideko (Moon So Ri)

Aunt Hideko (Moon So Ri)

Moon So Ri also plays in this drama. The character she brought with her appeared in Hideko’s past memories. Because she plays Hideko’s aunt who committed suicide.

Aunt Hideko is the only one who cares about the girl. When Kouzuki and Sasaki were sadistic, he was the only one who protected Hideko.

She was abused and exploited by Kouzuki. Almost every day he was in charge of reading pornography to male guests.

Unable to bear the pressure and pain of life as a prison, he committed suicide. The job of reading porn has shifted to Hideko’s responsibility.

That’s the seven Handmaid (2016) actors consisting of great Korean male actors. This film by director Park Chang Wook is recognized for its quality internationally.

The appearance of the cast and the unpredictable script became part of his advantage. Out of the above characters, who do you think is the ‘craziest’?


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