Stick War 3 Codes (New)

Stick War 3 is a strategic and action-packed game. Players engage in combat missions according to the game’s requirements. They can choose to fight efficiently on their own or engage in collective battles of strength. The game offers numerous enticing and unique features. Players should seize every opportunity to eliminate enemies and acquire valuable items.

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Stick War 3 MOD APK from publisher Max Games Studios is considered a seemingly simple game, but if you maintain the “play” mentality, it will be difficult for you to last long. What is difficult for so many people?

Introducing Stick War 3

A widely played compact war game!

There are a number of mobile games that combine the staging, combat, and construction genres quite well. If you want to find a hybrid game like this but with cheerful graphics and witty gameplay, Stick War 3 should be preferred.

Speaking of graphics, by the way. The first point of Stick War 3 is that the appearance, context and characters are very simple. So, is the character a bit like that? How to punch? You will be stunned with these questions when you first encounter the ‘face’ of Stick War 3. But what makes this game, look like a joke, lies in another factor.

War is very “already”

When so many mobile action games work hard for action sequences or tough puzzles, Stick War 3 chooses the Series route. The advantage of this game is that it does not require many contextual elements or complex 3D modeling like action games, so it can be suitable for many models.

Stick War 3 MOD by APKMODY 1440x810

But it also has a stimulating feeling like other war games. Because you choose your own strategy, you implement it yourself, and you experience success or failure as a result of this staging process. Stick War 3 is one of the few RPGs and makes full use of this rare unique Sequence element. Players will be able to unleash their creativity by experimenting with all sorts of combat settings before and even during battle. Depending on how many stickman warriors are available, you will adjust forward and backward, up, down, left and right to lock down enemy grappling, and also defend to limit casualties. Or continue to launch focused tactics to target the enemy to destroy and win quickly when the time comes.

Build a solid foundation

In addition to preparing and then fighting, Stick War 3 has a pretty good mission for players: Build a base based on the current state of the army. This is where you can retreat when you have bad luck in battle, as well as recruit, recruit and train new soldiers, or upgrade your army’s weapons. The more bases you have, the better your chances of turning the tide of battle.

Stick to your own fighting style

As a stickman general, you will maneuver your army according to arbitrary tactics, set up formations, face battles and build military bases. The player’s biggest goals are divided into two styles. One is to fight hard, continue to strengthen the base, to last the longest of all battles. This is the case when you choose to play in the “peace-loving” style, when you prefer to be defensive rather than offensive. The second style is “beat the strong at once”, attack like a storm, destroying the enemy’s relics in such a way that it cannot react in the fastest time. This is a common way of playing for players who like to attack.

Download Stick War 3 1440x810 . APK

Which style to choose is up to each player. Because according to the requirements of the game, you must constantly fight, fight and display all kinds of wars to defeat the enemy. And as you progress through the levels, you will be rewarded with 2 skill points that can be used to increase army stats and strengthen the army base.

There are many stick warriors, the richer the stronger

Talking about Stickman warriors in the game Stick War 3 is also quite interesting. The game offers 6 different warrior classes. Miner, Swordsman, Warrior, Mage, Giant, Archer. Hearing the name, they were completely different. And that is correct. Each type of soldier will have different special abilities (with their own disadvantages, of course). Depending on your fighting style, you will choose how to best organize your army to achieve your goals. Melee combat goes first, rangers fall behind, and rangers have good defense. Or they all rush into battle to end the war quickly. The decision is entirely up to you. That’s why I say playing Stick War 3 is very free, very “already”.

Every time you win, you will get more soldiers by increasing the stats of the available minions. Make the squad thicker and invincible. Every time there is a change in quantity and “quality”, you must be more careful in arranging the troops accordingly and balancing the power. This challenge also turns each battle in the game into a new one where everything repeats itself differently.

Stick War 3 for Android 1440x810

When upgraded, the soldiers themselves will also change their appearance. You will watch your soldiers slowly go from raw and naked to glory. This feeling is also quite good.

game mode

Stick War 3 has 3 game modes: campaign, tournament and countless zombies. Play a new player matching campaign. The levels are designed from easy to difficult with special instructions. The rewards are also more generous (2 skill points + diamonds). In the game play, each player will take turns fighting according to the table. The ultimate winner will be the champion. The battles in this tournament are quite difficult and are usually for those of you who are more used to the game. Loads of Zombie mods will make you spin like a cricketer. Each night the player only has a limited number of soldiers and must adjust the smartest formation to fight the growing army of undead.

Stick War 3 MOD APK version

Features MOD

  • Toll-free call
  • Unlimited money in war

Stick War 3 APK & MOD Download for Android

What more is there to say. Stick War 3 is a game of the war genre that you must play if you want to experience the deep, engaging and always dramatic suspense. Play that game well and I don’t want to stop.

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