10 best fighting car games on Android 2022

    The innovation of the game makes the car vehicles not only used as a normal means of transportation, but also can be used as a combat tool to compete with the enemy. This is a fun treat that can only be offered through games, including in car fighting games on Android.

    Well, if you agree that riding a car to fight is something fun, then you should try the 10 best car fighting Android games that we share in this article. What are the games? Let’s go straight to the list.

    10. Crimson Wheel

    We open this list with an Android game called Crimson Wheels. Looking at the gameplay, you can tell this game is a beat ’em Up type game. But if the genre often features characters that use bare hands or weapons to defeat the invasion of multiple enemies, here you will fight monsters using battle vehicles.

    Don’t think that because you are using a car the monsters will move slower than you. The attacks in this game are very intense, because in addition to being in large groups, the monsters also move very quickly.

    Of course, your vehicle is equipped with guns that can be used against monsters. In addition, each selected vehicle has unique capabilities. You can unlock new cars as the game progresses.

    • Mode: Offline
    • Genre: Action
    • Size: 143MB
    • Download Crimson Wheels

    9. Car Collision

    Continuing on to the game titled Crash of Cars, a game that presents car battles with a fun concept. Your mission in each battle is to collect crowns. The vehicle with the most crowns can be taken from one vehicle to another.

    So far, Crash of Cars offers several upgradeable maps, cars, and gear. Unlockable cars are divided into different rarity levels.

    This game also implements a quest system to add more variety to the game. In addition, there are hourly leaderboards to further motivate gamers. The content in it is constantly being updated so you have a reason to install this game on your mobile phone.

    • Mode: Offline
    • Genre: Action
    • Size: 162MB
    • Download Crash of Cars

    8. Crash Drive 3

    Next is a game called Crash Drive 3. This game allows players to freely explore the map to win certain events. This will satisfy those of you who like to go around enjoying the existing in-game world environment.

    There are 5 provided worlds ranging from volcanoes, deserts, medieval castles, to outer space. Outside of the world, the choice of cars is also quite diverse. There are 50 different types of vehicles, from racing cars, trucks to steel tanks. You can also upgrade all the cars to make it better.

    This game is presented with beautiful graphics and the online multiplayer system also adds to the fun as the game gives a competitive feel. If you like fighting, this game is also very close to vehicle combat, there is even a tank battle as one of the events.

    • Mode: Offline
    • Genre: Action
    • Size: 392MB
    • Download Crash Drive 3

    7. RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme

    RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme is basically a racing game aka racing. But it’s not an ordinary race, the competition is not only quick competition, but also fighting against each other. You can shoot your opponent during the race so that he doesn’t finish first.

    This game, presented with nice graphics, also offers day and night racing time, so the game feels more dynamic. In addition, variations are also offered in the choice of arenas that are made varied.

    Vehicle selection is also different and you can go up to level 30. Where each level up will provide a new unique in appearance and additional abilities to increase the chances of victory.

    • Mode: Offline
    • Category: Racing
    • Size: 144MB
    • Download RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme

    6. Demolition Derby 3

    The 3rd series of Demolition Derby can also be an option for those of you who like to fight with cars. There are no rockets or lasers, the battles that take place in this game are about crashing cars against each other.

    In this 3rd series, the important elements remain the same, but there are also many improvements compared to the previous two series. Among the things offered in this game are 100 playable vehicles, additional campaign modes, multiplayer, etc.

    You can also customize the cars here as you like. Not only that, its performance can also be improved to be more powerful to compete in the arena. As a fighting car game for Android, Demolition Derby 3 can be a good choice.

    • Mode: Offline
    • Genre: Action
    • Size: 131MB
    • Download Demolition Derby 3

    5. CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

    If you want a more unique concept, then you can try CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars. You can assemble your own combat vehicle complete with weapons to suit your imagination and then compete in one-on-one PvP battles.

    This game is presented with 2D visuals in the style of classic fighting games. Simple design but fun to play with. In addition to PvP, you can also form gangs and participate in gang battles to then get new spare parts and also become the ruler of the area.

    Overall, the unique concept and simple gameplay can be an alternative for the fans of fighting car games.

    • Fashion: Online
    • Genre: Simple
    • Size: 220MB
    • Download CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

    4. Rocket League Sideswipe

    When it comes to the concept of a unique car battle, Rocket League Sideswipe has it. This game is a flying car soccer game. As for what’s playable on mobile now, it’s actually a rip-off from the PC version.

    But of course there are tweaks to be made to bring this game to the mobile platform. If on PC the camera angle is 360 degrees, in the mobile version it is rendered in 2D. But if it is felt, this does not reduce the excitement.

    You can play 1vs1, 2vs2, up to 3vs3 car balls online with other players. For casual play, this game is really worth a try.

    • Mode: Offline
    • Genre: Sports
    • Size: 920MB
    • Download Rocket League Sideswipe

    3. Steel Rage

    Tired of fighting games that use big tanks and giant robots? Then you can try Steel Rage as an alternative. Here you will fight using cars with other players from all over the world.

    You can upgrade and customize your battle vehicle, choosing your own chassis, engines, military weapons, abilities and blitz. Your taste and fighting style is met by this one game.

    The 3D graphics provided are also quite interesting. You can see the car details, the arena details to the different explosion effects are all conveyed quite well. If you like the freedom to modify and fight, you need to give this game a try.

    • Fashion: Online
    • Genre: Action
    • Size: 263MB
    • Download Steel Rage

    2. Astracraft

    Astracraft can also be played if you are looking for a fighting car game on Android. This game offers death battles using a variety of futuristic vehicles. But it’s not just limited to cars, you can also try air combat by plane.

    There are quite a few car options for you to use. If you are not satisfied with the options provided, you can customize the vehicle with a variety of weapons. Therefore, preparation is also a decisive factor.

    Graphically, the visual presentation of this Android game is quite pleasing to your eyes. So Astracraft deserves the attention of car fighting game fans like you.

    • Fashion: Online
    • Genre: Adventure
    • Size: 1.10GB
    • Download Astracraft

    1. Crossout Mobile

    To conclude, we recommend using Crossout Mobile. This game is a unique alternative to war games. Using large combat vehicles complete with sophisticated equipment, you can shoot gun battles with other players in a large area.

    You will feel the feeling of riding a homemade battle vehicle in the arid desert in the style of a death race or in the movie Mad Max. Regarding the construction of a vehicle, you are free to add different parts according to your preferences and needs.

    This game is presented with quite slick graphics and will delight your eyes. Therefore, Crossout Mobile is a must-have Android game to install on your smartphone.

    • Fashion: Online
    • Genre: Action
    • Size: 1.19GB
    • Download Crossout Mobile

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