10 Best Movies of Lee Sang Yoon

Actor Lee Sang Yoon made his debut as a commercial star in 2005, while for acting he started it in 2007 by co-starring in movies and TV series. titled Sex is Zero 2 (2007) and Air City (2007).

Since then, his career gradually flourished until 2010, he was awarded the Best New Actor award for his role in the movie Home Sweet Home. Since then, Lee Sang Yoon’s dramas began to ‘appear’ and gain a foothold in the hearts of viewers.

Lee Sang Yoon

Many times his name was also awarded with prestigious awards. Do you want to know which movie has ‘fitted’ Lee Sang Yoon in the cast? Here we present our recommendations to you!

Movie Liar Game

  • Release year 2007
  • Genre Drama, Psychological, Horror
  • Directors Ayako Oki , Hiroaki Matsuyama , Yasushi Ueda
  • Cast Erika Toda Shota Matsuda

Lee Sang Yoon’s movie Liar Game will amaze you with the character role played by the actor. In this drama, Sang Yoon plays Ha Woo Jin, a psychology professor who redirects his intelligence to seek revenge.

As a result of this, Woo Jin had to go to jail. After being released, he was “led” to a game called Liar Game. The one who “lubbed” Woo Jin into the game is Nam Da Jung (Kim So Eun); a sweet innocent student.

He is interested in participating in this game because he is tempted by the big prizes offered. Da Jung wants to pay the debt with money. Can Woo Jin help Da Jung win the game?

One the Woman

  • Release year 2021
  • Genres Body Swap , Comedy , Drama , Investigation , Mystery , Romance
  • Director Choi Hyung Hun
  • Cast Lee Ha Nee Lee Sang Yoon Lee Won Keun Jin Seo Yun

Lee Sang Yoon’s next movie that he co-starred with Lee Ha Nee. Titled One the Woman (2021), this film received high ratings in its country.

Lee Sang Yoon as Han Seung Wook; A young man has just returned from America to find out the truth about his father’s death.

Han Seung Wook comes from a corporate family. His father was predicted to be the heir to the company, but died at the hands of his own grandson, Han Song Hye.

After his father’s death, Han Seung Wook had no inheritance rights. Most of his grandfather’s family’s assets are controlled by his uncle, Han Young Sik.

Seung Wook fell in love with a girl he met when he was a teenager. Unfortunately, the girl he knew named Kang Mi Na was betrothed to Han Seong Woon, the son of Han Young Sik. Returning to Korea, Seung Wook meets Mi Na again, but the Mi Na he sees today is very different.

It turns out that the woman is not Mi Na but a ‘crazy’ prosecutor named Cho Yeon Ju, who happens to have an identical face to Mi Na.

The two then work together to investigate the crime committed by Han Young Sik and Han Song Hye because Yeon Ju also has the same business relationship with these two men.

Life is Beautiful

Lee Sang Yoon’s first recommendation for a drama will satisfy those who like dramas. Especially if the movie has a family theme and all its problems.

Set in Jeju, Life is Beautiful tells the story of three major clans, the Yang Family, the Lee Family, and the Park Family. Lee Sang Yoon plays the last son of the Yang family named Yang Ho Sub.

Ho Sub himself has two older brothers, Yang Tae Sub (Song Chang Eui), Yang Ji Hye (Woo Hee Jin) and a younger sister, Yang Cho Rong (Nam Gyu Ri).

Here, Ho Sub is said to have special feelings for his mother’s assistant named Yeon Joo (Nam Sang Mi). Also, his eldest brother, Tae Sub, seems to have a special relationship with a man. How does the Yang family deal with all of this?

Twenty Again

  • Release year 2015
  • Genre Comedy, Romance
  • Director Kim Hyung Shik
  • Cast Choi Ji Woo Lee Sang Yoon Choi Won Young

In 2015, Lee Sang Yoon co-starred with Cho Ji Woo and Choi Won Young in the drama called Twenty Again (2015). Here, he plays a professor in the field of theater arts named Cha Hyun Suk, who teaches at the university.

The film tells the story of a 398-year-old woman named Ha No Ra who wants to feel her youth again. The reason is, No Ra has really lost the good times in her life because of getting married young.

No Ra married Kim Woo Cheol when she was 19 years old. Not long after, she immediately became pregnant and started busy with family work in the role of wife and mother.

When her son, Min So, turns 20 and her marriage is on the verge of divorce, No Ra wants to go back to university. The campus he chose is also the campus where Min Soo used to study. Turns out her husband had just been accepted to teach at the university.

No Ra’s life takes a dramatic turn because it turns out, the fierce theater arts professor is the boy who had a crush on her in high school. Although it was by chance, No Ra did not back down because the rest of her life was not long because the doctor concluded that No Ra had pancreatic cancer.


  • Release year 2019
  • Genre Drama, Mystery
  • Director Lee Jung Rim
  • Cast Jang Nara Lee Sang Yoon Lee Chung Ah Kwak Sun Young Pyo Ye Jin Shin Jae Ha

Once causing a fever during its broadcast, Lee Sang Yoon’s drama “VIP” will make you excited because the story it is about is about a love affair. Rating was equally satisfied when it reached the highest level of 17.7%.

Thanks to his role as Park Seong Joon here, Lee Sang Yoon won the Best Actor award in the Miniseries category (Actor) at the SBS Drama Awards (2019).

Park Seong Joon is the husband of Na Jeong Seon (Jang Nara). He is a man with a good career as he holds the position of team leader at the VIP Management Team of Sung Un Department Store.

However, his family with Jeong Seon, who seems calm and perfect, seems to have hoarded coal. Please guess who is the mistress that Seong Joon is hiding.

My Daughter Seo Young

Aired on KBS2, Lee Sang Yoon’s drama “My Daughter Seo Young” has had high ratings. Particularly for the last episode, the rating even reached 47.7%. It’s no surprise that My Daughter Seo Young won the title of Best Drama at the Korea Drama Awards (2013).

Lee Sang Yoon himself won the Popularity Award, Lead Actor in a Drama at the Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards, and Best Couple with Lee Bo Young as his co-star at the Awards. KBS Drama (2012).

Lee Sang Yoon as Kang Woo Jae; husband of Lee Seo Young (Lee Bo Young), comes from a wealthy and privileged family. This man did not accidentally fall in love with Seo Young. He was curious because among the others, only Seo Young understood his despair. However, aware of her position, Seo Young declined before accepting.

On The Way to The Airport

Lee Sang Yoon’s film filmed in Malaysia is equally satisfying in terms of plot and ratings. The highest figure ever achieved was 10.1%. Also through On The Way to The Airport , Sang Yoon once again won the Best Actor Award in a Miniseries at the 39th KBS Drama Awards . He also won the Best Couple award with Kim Ha Neul at the same event.

Sang Yoon plays Seo Do Woo, a part-time architecture lecturer at a university. His life has not been the same since his daughter Annie Seo or Seo Eun Woo (Park Seo Yeon) passed away during a trip while returning home.

Annie herself is friends with the daughter of Choi Soo Ah (Kim Ha Neul) and Park Jin Seok (Shin Sung Rok) named Hyo Eun (Kim Kwan Hee). As a result of this incident, Do Woo and Soo Ah can no longer deny their attachment.


For fans of legal dramas, Whisper should definitely be on the must-see list. The drama Lee Sang Yoon, who reunites him with Lee Bo Young, tells the story of the tricks and conspiracies of legal officers who work together to uncover the biggest corruption scandal ever since. so far in Korea.

Shin Young Joo (Lee Bo Young) is a tough but golden-hearted detective. Meanwhile, Lee Dong Joon (Lee Sang Yoon) is an elite judge, famous for being fair, intelligent, warm-hearted and always willing to listen to the weak.

They cooperate to solve corruption cases involving the largest law firms. However, conflicts began to arise when Dong Joon fell into a situation where he had to work for a law firm. Will he be able to overcome his doubts?

Angel Eyes

Yoo Soo Wan (Ku Hye Sun) and Park Dong Joo (Lee Sang Yoon) are each other’s first love. It was a pity that the two had to be separated because of circumstances. Dong Joo was sent to America after his mother died in a tragedy.

Meanwhile, Soo Wan was blind but eventually regained her sight after being transplanted. 12 years later, Soo Wan has grown up to be a brave girl and works as an emergency lifeguard, while Dong Joo is getting smarter and warmer hearted as he is now working as a surgeon.

However, things are not the same anymore, Soo Wan is now engaged to a neurosurgeon named Kang Ji Woon (Kim Ji Seok). Dong Joo also chose to remain silent, not revealing his true identity to Soo Wan.

Can he get through all of this without feeling anxious knowing his first love will belong to someone else? Will Soo Wan realize that Doctor Dylan Park is her first love?

About Time

Lee Sang Yoon’s relatively new drama returns to the romance genre with its spice of fantasy. The actor has the opportunity to pair with the young, beautiful and talented actress Lee Sung Kyung. So what is the chemical reaction between the two?

Choi Michaela (Lee Sung Kyung) is a musical actress who gets into a minor accident when she auditions for a role. Accidentally brought her to meet Lee Do Ha (Lee Sang Yoon); son of a wealthy family and the President of the MK Entertainment Cultural Foundation.

Since that meeting, Choi feels his life clock stop whenever he is with Do Ha. Can the son of a rich family come to an ordinary girl?

Likeable or Not

Likeable or Not (2008) is known as the second drama in Lee Sang Yoon’s life. The role he received in this movie was also not a lead role but a supporting role.

Lee Sang Yoon plays a character named Seo Woo Jin. She was a college friend of Hwang Ji Young, who worked as a research scientist at Bonjour Foods after finishing her study abroad trip.

Hwang Ji Young herself is Seon Jae’s very faithful lover. However, his love was destroyed by Bong Soo Ah, to the point where Seon Jae had to marry this girl.

The marriage between the two earned Seon Jae a high position at Bonjour Foods, but all was in vain when his married life was not happy.

Seon Jae causes a lot of trouble and decides to divorce Soo Ah and live life as an organic farmer.

Ji Young, who is slowly recovering from a heart attack, reconnects with Seo Woo Jin. Their relationship started well until they got married because Woo Jin has liked Ji Young for a long time.

Goddess of Fire

  • Release year 2013
  • Genre Drama, Romance
  • Director Jung Dae Yoon , Park Sung Soo
  • Cast Moon Geun Young Lee Sang Yoon

Historical movies have always had their own fans. The love story presented in this genre is somewhat more romantic, although it often ends tragically. Like the love story between Yoo Jung (Moon Geun Young) and Prince Gwanghae (Lee Sang Yoon).

Yoo Jung is endowed with extraordinary talent and skill to create the finest ceramics from the Joseon Dynasty. This ability was not wasted by the royal family. Yoo Jung started making a lot of pottery used for the royal banquet.

Meanwhile, Prince Gwanghae is the son of a concubine that his own father, King Seonjo, blamed for his mother’s death. One day, Yoo Jung met him while Gwanghae was hunting with his father. What difficult fate do they live with?

The Duo

Lee Sang Yoon’s next best drama with a historical theme is The Duo (2011). This drama is about how social class decides one’s fate in the Joseon era through two men who transform lives, Chun Dung and Gwi Dong.

Lee Sang Yoon plays an aristocrat named Gwi Dong, who works as a policeman and fights corruption in the government. However, he is in fact the son of a beggar. Chun Dung himself grew up in a beggar background, but he is actually the son of royalty.

With his low status, Chun Dung helped the common people to participate in peasant demonstrations. The two of them became the two greatest people who came together to reform injustice in Joseon.

The Scale of Providence

Lee Sang Yoon’s next best drama in the legal genre is called The Scales of Providence (2008). He plays Kim Woo Bin; A prosecutor uses his father as a model for his high integrity. Woo Bin had to go through many failed exams before graduating.

Unfortunately, his graduation day coincides with a traumatic event in his life because Woo Bin accidentally killed a woman.

He decides to confess his crimes but asks his mother to keep it a secret from his father. Meanwhile, the woman he accidentally kills is Joon Ha’s girlfriend; A lawyer has lost two of the most important people in his life.

Home Sweet Home

  • Release year 2009
  • Genre Romance , Mystery
  • Director Lee Sung Joon , Oh Kyung Hoon
  • Cast Kim Hye Soo Hwang Shin Hye Shin Sung Woo Lee Sang Yoon Youn Yuh Jung

Home Sweet Home or Home of Joy (2010) is a drama that gathers Lee Sang Yoon along with Kim Hye Soo, Hwang Shin Hye, Shin Sung Woo and Youn Yuh Jung in a project.

Here, Lee Sang Yoon plays detective Kang Shin Woo, who investigates the death case of a man named Sung Eun Pil.

Sung Eun Pil is the husband of Yoon Hee, a beautiful woman from an unfortunate background because her father was an alcoholic. Yoon Hee is friendly and competes for love and succeeds with Jin Seo as they both fall in love with Lee Sang Hyun.

Sang Hyun dated Yoon Hee before marrying Jin Seo. When Yoon Hee’s husband is found dead, Jin Seo finds herself embroiled in an investigation. That’s when Kang Shin Woo was attracted to him.

I Love You, Don’t Cry

Love You Don’t Cry (2008) is a Korean historical drama that tells the touching love story of a couple who have been hurt in the past. It’s a story about one person comforting another and forgiving each other with love.

Han Young Min and Min Seo Young plan to get married after they get engaged. However, the unexpected thing is that Young Min’s ex-wife gave the child to her ex-husband to raise.

His relationship with Seo Young became strained and ended because Young Min refused to give his son back to his ex-wife.

After breaking up with Seo Young, Young Min started to get close to Jo Mi Soo. They realize each other’s feelings and plan to get married. Unfortunately, another obstacle stood in their way. In the drama, Lee Sang Yoon plays Jang Hyun Woo.

No Limit

In this drama, Lee Sang Yoon takes on the supporting role of Jang Seung Woo. Seung Woo is a smart student and got the best grades at the most prestigious university in Korea.

His intelligence helped Seung Woo pass the test to become a lawyer, and also became the youngest person to join there.

Thanks to such intellectual ability, Seung Woo almost never fails to achieve any goal. Until one day he has to compete with a poor soccer player to win Hae Bin (Go Ara). Will Seung Woo succeed this time?

Some of Lee Sang Yoon above, mainly with the theme of love. However, his performance never disappoints. With his dull eyes and warm aura, Lee Sang Yoon is easy to attract. Do you know which movie to watch first? Whatever your choice, enjoy watching!

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